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At Specialized Transportation & Logistics Group, Trade Show Exhibit Moving and Management services is a full time job for us. We realize that out of all the people and companies involved with you having a successful Trade Show, the transportation provider's responsibility is near the top. We don't take that responsibility lightly. We GUARANTEE that your trade show exhibit and display materials arrive and depart on schedule and damage free!

Between our dedicated fleet, our carrier affiliation, and our In-House Brokerage, International, and Air Freight Divisions, we strive daily to be your single source Trade Show / Exhibit Transportation provider.

So if you are in need of cost effective, safe, flexible, superior quality transportation, moving, or warehousing services for your Trade Show Exhibits and Displays please consider allowing us to give you total piece of mind move after move. Our experienced, Award Winning staff will always strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction!

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"We Recycle"

We are now proud to offer:

♦  Standard Less-Than-Truckload and Truckload service

♦ Flatbed, Conestoga, and Curtainside trailers

♦  Air Freight - Domestic and International

♦  On-Site representation at most major US Shows


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  • 24/7 availability for emergency contact or last minute updates and/or changes

  • Dedicated point-of-contact for each and every trade show move from start through completion. This allows us to become familiar with the customers specific needs, saving time by not having to go over the same details with each shipment

  • Trained, experienced, and dedicated trade show exhibit drivers. Our drivers become "experts" with our customers products and needs

  • Your shipment will be picked up and delivered on time. Guaranteed!

  • Flatbeds include flats, single drops, and curtainside, and conestoga trailers.


  • We "self haul" the majority of our exhibit customers shipments which provides an extra level of security knowing the assigned drivers' skills match the needs of the customers shipment

  • Time and date specific pick ups and deliveries available, with extra labor, de-skidding, and debris removal if needed

  • In-house International & Air Freight Departments

  •  One Stop Shopping - Our customers enjoy improved communication, service flexibility, and time and cost savings by depending on us to service all modes of their transportation needs

  • Flat-Floor and High-Cube vans, pads, straps, decking, liftgates and climate control vans available



Customer Comments

"......your on site trade show rep was able to work with the trade show management people to locate our misplaced exhibit crates and carpets that were loaded into a local trailer by show personnel by mistake. Thankfully your driver waited for everything to get straightened out so he could load the exhibit crates and get them to the next trade show on time. I can't even imagine what this would have cost us if your rep hadn't had the relationship with the show personnel to get this resolved......"

"....we have been able to cut our annual trucking  / freight costs significantly by your managing the entire trade show season versus making the arrangements on a show by show basis...."

"....we never thought we could get our exhibit booth on 1 trailer, but using your high cube vans and decking the lighter items, the entire exhibit booth now fits on one trailer, which saves us a lot of money on each show and a substantial amount on the entire season. Thank you...."

"....Thank you for working with our exhibit house. I still enjoy the benefit of not having to worry about scheduling the trucking and such, plus now our annual costs are more in line with our budget..."



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